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Bring the tastes of the land down under to your front door with Australian meat pies and food delivery service provided by The Great Australian Meat Pie Company. We invite America to experience an array of exotic tastes.

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Have your dinner brought to you personally using our food delivery service. We are also available to cater any special occasion including birthday parties, back yard parties, and festivals in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

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We Proudly Support the Sunday Dreaming Organization, Which Works with Low Income & Special Needs Children as They Play Football on Sundays.



Who We Are

Enjoy a meat pie of your liking or plan a party with delectable foods from a food truck provided by The Great Australian Meat Pie Company in Plano, Texas. With more than 25 years of cooking experience, we are proud to offer an American twist on an Australian classic. We offer irresistible gourmet meat pies.

Feeding people is our passion, and it allows us to be innovative and creative with our dishes. Our customers love the diversity of cultures we bring together with our wide selection of pies. We have pie flavors from all over the world and as far as we know...the only place to get a real Vegemite Sandwich on Texas Toast!!!

Try The Vegemite Sandwich on Texas Toast!!

(You Either Love It or You Hate It But You Have To Try It!!)

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Contact us in Plano, Texas, to learn more about ordering from our fantastic meat pie menu, or schedule for our food truck delivery.

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Providing Services in the Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex

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